Triaxios was originally created in Texas in 1986 as two separately named family businesses specializing in construction and entertainment. The founder relocated the company to Jacksonville Florida in 1999 after honorably serving in the United States Navy completing two tours on active duty. In 2003 the founder realigned the construction company back to the family in Texas and renamed the property management division Triaxios to focus on real estate development. Triaxios has expanded over the years to include real estate brokerage and consulting while adding a media group. As we continue our journey in the pursuit of excellence, Triaxios will focus on collaborating with talented business leaders to remain an industry leader in all of our available services.



To help organizations & communities in their pursuit of operational excellence.


To be the industry leader in Real Estate & Multimedia services.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence


Relentless Pursuit of Excellence


  • Lapiz Lazuli - Royalty & Honor
  • Stainless Steel - Iron Sharpening Iron (ISI)
  • Black Diamond- Inclusion

  • Universally Accepted Truth