Welcome to the Strategy & Continuous Improvement Sustainability Institute. The institute was created to provide support to our global clients. The Institute has three components: Strategy Consulting, Process Improvement training/certification and the Sustainability Research Council.


Strategy Planning
Process Improvement
Community Outreach
Revenue & Income Diversification
Board Governance & Diversification
Monitoring & Controls

Training & Certification

The Training & Certificaion division was created to provide process improvement training using an innovative approach to learning. The primary objective is to learn while completing projects in a safe and empowering environment.



Lean Six Sigma

Human-centered Design

Data Analysis



Material Cost



Schools & Colleges






up to $1,500




Small Businesses

$2,500 & up





$5,000 & up





CI in the Community - Strategy Planning 

An innovative program has been created to support the nonprofit community by combining conventional strategy planning with Lean Six Sigma. The new approach leverages continuous improvement tools, techniques and the scientific methodology.

The approach utilizes a set engaging planning exercises with the topics categorized by using the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control (DMAIC) process improvement cycle.

The modified format allows for incremental modifications to a current strategy plan or transformational changes to an organization’s mission and vision.