Welcome to the Strategy & Continuous Improvement Sustainability Institute. The institute was created to provide support to our global clients. The Institute has three components: Strategy Consulting, Process Improvement training/certification and the Sustainability Research Council.


Strategy Planning

Process Improvement

Community Outreach
Revenue & Income Diversification
Board Governance & Diversification
Monitoring & Controls


Training & Certification

The Training & Certificaion division was created to provide process improvement training using an innovative approach to learning. The primary objective is to learn while completing projects in a safe and empowering environment.



Lean Six Sigma

Human-centered Design

Data Analysis



Material Cost



Schools & Colleges






up to $1,500




Small Businesses

$2,500 & up





$5,000 & up





CI in the Community - Strategy Planning 

The Continuous Improvement (CI) in the community strategy planning model was created by combining conventional strategy planning techniques with Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

The approach utilizes a set engaging planning exercises to complete the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control (DMAIC) process improvement cycle.

The strategy planning model allows for incremental modifications to a current strategy plan, creation of a new strategy plan or transformational changes to an organization’s mission.